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Nov 24 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


Dec 11 - Youth Meeting - 7pm


Dec 18 - Guest Speaker - 7pm - speaker to be announced


Dec 29 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


Jan 08 - Youth Meeting - 7pm


Jan 26 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm


Jan 29 - 2nd Annual Vocal & Instrumental Night - 7pm 




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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


Supporting Those That Suffer for the Gospel

Bro Josh Thilmony,  11/22/2015 


Revelation 1.9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation...


John had training as a companion in tribulation.  Jesus told the disciples in Luke 22.28..."You have continued with me in my temptations..."  The world practices desertion when you lose money or health, or when influential people are against you. I had a friend once who deserted me when I told him about a situation through which I was suffering. Saints of God, on the contrary, stand by those that suffer for the gospel's sake.  It does not drain us, but rather we become stronger in spirit because God blesses those that support the children of God. 


Paul said in 2 Tim 4.16 that all men forsook him when he was on trial. May God help us to rise above the example set by Paul's friends.   


Oh, what a blessing to have support when we are suffering.  John saw the tribulations of the saints, and reminded them that he was in the trenches with them. 


 Jesus said, "He who endures to the end shall be saved."  Success in the Christian walk does not come through spectacular feats, but rather through endurance.  Enduring is always easier when we have support.  May God help us to give and take support from each other.