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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


Filled With God's Love

Bro Josh Thilmony,  7/26/2015 


Romans 5.5 The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost


Do you want to be overflowing with God's love? Do you want your home to be filled with love, or to have the love of God among your friends?


The Holy Spirit sheds love.  My family has a cat that sheds hair.  You never know where you will find a cat  hair...on your clothes, on the floor, or in a book that you're reading.  If you have the Holy Spirit, you'll find the love of God in many places in your life...in your home, among your friends, and in the church. 


Part 1 - Everything Else Fails


1 Corinthians 13 prophesies will fail...knowledge will vanish away.  The words "fail" and "vanish away" both come from the same Greek word.  It means "rendered useless."  There are times when the love of God is the only thing that holds relationships together.  Knowledge and prophesies are rendered useless, but love never fails. 


When you are really stressed in your relationships, revert back to the love of God. It is a healing agent.  Being filled with God's love will ease the stress.  


Part 2 - Good Will


Luke 2.14 Peace on Earth, good will toward men.  God, in his love, expressed his good will toward men by sending his Son to bring salvation to all men. 


If we want to be filled with God's love, we must express good will toward men.  Our love should extend to those that sin against us.  God has also commanded that the strong should bear the infirmities of the weak.  If you have good health and a perfect mind, you should help those with physical needs and disabilities.  We should also bear with those that have less understanding and less faith, being patient with them while we lead them in the way.


Good will is like the sunshine: it flows toward the good people and the evil.   


Part 3 - Keeping the Holy Spirit


A Hindu man recently came to our Vacation Bible school.  We were discussing religion, and he said that all religions teach us to do good toward man.  I told him this is the second commandment in the Christian religion, and that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart. 


In order to maintain a Spirit filled life [and have his love shed in our hearts], we must love God with all our heart.  


The song writer said,


"Some have called you Lord, but now they serve another.

To earthly things, their heart has pledged its loyalty..."


Many will be condemned on the judgment day, not because of deep sin, but because their affections were given to something other than God.