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Apr 22 - 4th Annual Ladies Dinner - 7pm


Apr 26 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm


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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...

Precious Love

Bro Josh Thilmony,  2/7/2016 


Psalm 139.17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God...


Often we find a thing precious because it is rare. What is it about God's thoughts that make them precious? Is it because it is a rare find to meet someone that tells us how we ought to live? Nay, we are often instructed by saint and sinner alike. Many people tell us how we ought to change. 


One trait that makes God's thoughts precious is found in Psalm 40.5: he thinks about us, and he has so many thoughts about us that they cannot be numbered. God's brain is in gear, thinking about us. Preparing a place for us, engraving us on his hands, and predestining us to be called, justified, and glorified.  


How unworthy we are of such love! Jacob stated this sentiment in Genesis 32.10: I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies. What do we have to offer God, that he thinks of us so much? Paul says, are we his counselor, or do we have anything to give God? Romans 11.34. When we look at God's riches in glory, we can only recognize how little we have to offer to God.


God wants us to see the value of his love toward us. Is there anyone else that thinks about us like God does? Does your family think about you? Yes, but not as much as the Lord. Does your money think about you? If you own jewelry, does it think about you? What beggarly elements are the possessions of this world!