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April 24 - Bible Study - Series on Trinity - Jesus the Son 


April 28 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


May 01 - Feet Washing and Communion - 7pm 


May 08 - Youth Meeting - 7pm 


May 15 - Guest Speaker - 7pm - Bro Ryan O'neil 


May 19 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


May 26 - Ladies Fellowship Dinner 6:30 pm 


May 29 - Bible Study - Series on Trinity - The Holy Spirit 


Jun 12 - Youth Meeting - 7pm 


Jun 14-21 - Campmeeting - White Pine, TN 


Jul 20-24 - Vacation Bible School 


For more information on events, please call Bro Josh Thilmony at 419-721-7384.

Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


Seeking Unto The Altar

Bro Josh Thilmony,  4/19/2015 


2 Chronicles 1.5 Solomon and the people sought unto the brazen altar that was before the temple. 


They sought for God's direction, blessing, and favor at the altar. 


Part 1 -  We Have An Altar


Hebrews 13.10 We have an altar...Let us go unto him.  Jesus is our altar in the New Testament.  


Jesus is the Word of God, therefore the scriptures are our altar. We seek to them to bring us God's direction, blessing, and favor. 


Part 2 - We Seek Forgiveness At The Altar (God's Word)


Psalms 34 The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saves such as be of a contrite spirit. This altar, and the Spirit thereof, will bring you to the point of breaking your self sufficient spirit.  I went to a funeral recently of a woman who died after childbirth.  She left behind a husband and two pre-teen children. The funeral service provoked tears.  In the same way, the word of God provokes us to recognize our past sin and straying, and seek forgiveness. The altar may also reveal new light, which provokes us to get on our knees and consecrate more to God. 


Part 3 - We Seek God's Favor and Prosperity At The Altar (God's Word)


Joshua 1.1-7 Be strong to do ALL that God says, for then you will prosper.  The prosperity that Joshua mentions is due to the favor of God.  We can prosper in Christian victory over sin, obtain a better resurrection, and live a blessed life on Earth.