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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


The Seventh Trumpet (AD 1930 to the 2nd Coming)

Bro Josh Thilmony,  3/1/2015 


Revelation 11.14-19 The trumpet a crowd thanking Christ for taking his great power and reigning, another crowd that was angry about God reigning, and an open temple with a view of the ark of the covenant.


Revelation 10 talks about the "days" of the voice of the 7th angel.  These days cover the time from from 1930 to the second coming of Christ.  


Part 1 - Christ IS Reigning


Every life is a kingdom that is in high demand by God and the devil.  God gave his Son to save you, and the devil wants to sift you as wheat!  The kingdoms that became the Lord's are those who have let him reign.  


We that are saved celebrate the reign of Christ.  When Solomon became king, they blew a trumpet and shouted. We are forever grateful for our king and how he delivered us from sin!  Also, in the last trumpet age, we have the privilege of looking back over all history and seeing how God delivered men and women of the past. Thank God for the power of God that has been manifested as Christ reigned over his church in this world. Our celebration can be likened to an orphan who rejoices in an adoption.


Part 2 - The Last Woe


Revelation 11.14 says the last woe came quickly (during the seventh trumpet).  The last woe is a repetition of the same gospel that declares the wrath of God against all unrighteousness (Romans 1).


Time of the dead - Jesus said that the time NOW IS when the dead hear his voice (John 5)


Nations were angry - Jesus spoke of those who said, "We will not have this man reign over us!" (Luke 19)


Destroy them that destroy the earth - Paul said that God will destroy those who destroy the temple of God (our earthen vessels). (1 Cor 3.17)


This last woe is the last warning before the final judgment. 


Part 3 - An Open Temple


The temple is open during the 7th trumpet age.  It is open because God clearly pours out his wrath against false religion (sinning Christianity).  See Revelation 15.


In order for us to see into the temple of God, we must repent of every condition by which God's wrath was upon us. Full repentence leads to an opening of the heavens for us, in which we can see all of God's promises, truths, and glory.  Without an entirely consecrated life, we cannot see the glory of God!